Mission Statement

Hydro Hounds is a service oriented venture which provides an opportunity for canine rehabilitation, exercise and recreation in a temperature controlled water environment.  The goal is to provide a physical and emotional healing and support experience for canines.


Welcome to 
Laramie, Wyoming


HYDRO HOUNDS is water exercise and therapeutic massage for dogs!  Stretching and therapeutic massage in our deep, wide, warm, non-chlorinated pool can work miracles on nearly any dog's physical condition - even a fit one!  The water's warmth limbers muscles and joints.  It takes the dog's weight, relaxing tension, allowing freer movement.  Its therapeutic effects include improved blood and lymph circulation, the elimination of toxins and increased range of movement.


Bring your dog to Hydro Hounds for:

  • Mitigation of physical defects - especially hips and spine
  • Therapy for Arthritis and other stiffness
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Pre-surgical conditioning
  • Improved overall fitness


Hydro Hounds
216 E. Sheridan
Laramie, WY 82070
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Monday thru Saturday by Appointment Only
Pick-up service available - PLEASE call for more detail