Deb Roberts is the owner of Hydro Hounds and has been in business since January 1, 2000.  She is an animal lover and has always had a dog, or two, or three!  At present, she shares space with Hank, a German Shepherd, Basil, a Border Collie mix and Teal Eye, a Siberian Husky.

 She cares deeply for her pets, as well as the pets of others.  Her caring nature is one of many reasons Deb started swimming dogs.  She had a friend whose dog couldn't use his hind quarters.  He also had knee, back and shoulder problems.  Deb had been researching the benefits of water therapy and massage and decided to give it a try.  They got a small above ground pool, and put it up in a warehouse.  The benefits of the water therapy, along with Deb's massage techniques, soon had the dog using it's hind quarters.  Friends became interested and the business started to gain momentum by word of mouth only.  What started out as part-time, turned into a full-time business, and hence, Hydro Hounds was eventually formed.
Deb's training includes many workshops, seminar's and massage clinics. Listed below are a few:
Holistic Touch Therapy: Canine I & II Massage Clinic  C. Sue Furman, Ph.D., former faculty member in the Biomedical Sciences Department at Colorado State University
Certified Natural Health Professional
Canine Acupressure  Seminar given by Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis
Canine Healing Touch for Animals  Komitor Method of Healing
First Aid for Cats & Dogs  CSU Student Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society
REIKI  The USUI System of Natural Healing
Chris Zink, D.V. M., Ph.D.  Seminar on canine sports medicine, evaluating canine structure and locomotion, and designing individualized retraining and conditioning programs for canine athletes.