AMARILLA - Born November, 1998.  Started swimming May 24, 2002.  Guardian: Lorraine Saulino-Klein.

Amarilla had not been able to move either of her hind legs for two weeks when she came to Hydro Hounds.  Her veterinarian suspected, although it was not confirmed, she had had a blood clot on her spine that bled up.  The initial focus in the sessions was on swimming.  She moved her right leg almost immediately upon entering the water and by the end of a 45 minute session, had begun to move her left leg.  Lorraine called a few hours after her swimming session to report Amarilla had gone home, taken a nap and upon waking, stood up!  Amarilla swam every other day for the first week and was walking after the third session.  She typically swims twice weekly since the first session.  She has difficulty coordinating her left hind leg at times, otherwise, she is a vivacious and very active dog.

REMIE - Born January 20, 1998.  Started swimming May 19, 2003.  Guardian: Darcy Gardiner.
Remie is the third member of the Gardiner family to swim.  He was born with instability in his right hip.  When he was six months old, his veterinarian's prognosis was hip replacement surgery before the age of two.  Remie is nine years old now and has not had to have surgery, thanks to Darcy's care and concern for his well being.  He has been on nutritional supplements for the past several years.  When they noticed him loosing strength in his right hind leg, they began swimming him.  He has regained the strength in his hind leg since the swimming began, and he has a very active lifestyle, running and playing with the other five Australian Sheppard family members.  

LEON - Born November 19, 2001.  Started swimming January 14, 2002.  Guardian: Shi Shine.
In Shi's words:
"Leon has been swimming since he was 8 weeks old.  He now thinks the pool belongs to him!  I wanted Leon to get plenty of exercise while protecting the development of his delicate growth plates as he matured physically.  This was by far the best exercise he could have had as a puppy, as it provided a full range of activity.  I also feel certain that it facilitated Leon's ability to communicate with his humans.  He continues to swim weekly because he enjoys it so much and because I know that he is safely getting the exercise he needs, as well as the human interaction that is so vital to his well being."