TimberWolf Organics, Inc.

Hydro Hounds is proud to carry TimberWolf Organics, Inc. dog and cat food.  TimberWolf Organics' formulas closely approximate the diet of wild canids and give you a vast variety of everything you could ever want in a dog food.  Their philosophy is to include high levels of proteins, essential fatty acids, herbs, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Formulated for All Life Stages - TimberWolf Organics formulas are carnivore specific, ultra concentrated formulas developed to provide the ultimate in nutritional benefits based upon the natural diets of wild carnivores, specifically designed for you domesticated pet.  Each of TimberWolf Organics' formulas are for all life stages.  They contain no artificial color or taste enhancers and are naturally preserved with Vitamin E and Rosemary extracts.

TimberWolf Organics, Inc.
Carnivore Specific Herbal Pet Foods - A Taste of the Wild
  • Wilderness Elk and Salmon
  • Dakota Bison
  • Black Forest
  • Southwest Chicken and Herbs
  • Lamb Barley and Apple
  • Ocean Blue
  • Wild and Natural
  • Serengeti Felid
  • Pheasant and herbs - canned food                                      'I love my Dakota Bison!'
  • Wild Salmon Oil                                                                

 Healthy Treats

  • Wellness Well Bars with crunchy peanuts & honey - oven-baked, wheat free
  • Pet Promise Natural Bison Strips - natural ranch-raised
  • Happy Hips Chicken Strips with Glucosamine & Chondroitin



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