Aquatic Workout is.....water exercise and therapeutic massage for you dog!
     Hydro Hounds is a service oriented business for canines that provides rehabilitation, exercise and entertainment in a temperature controlled water environment.  This is accomplished in a swimming pool that measures 12' in diameter and is 4' deep.  The water level is approximately three and a half feet deep and is heated to a temperature of between 90 and 92 degrees.  Dogs are dressed in a flotation jacket and are provided with water toys, if they are so inclined.  The dogs enter the pool via ramps or are lifted into the pool by a human coach.  The coach remains in the pool with the dog for the entire time the dog is swimming.  The dog's time in the pool varies from thirty to sixty minutes, with the typical time being forty five minutes.  During the time the dogs are in the pool, they alternate between swimming and receiving massage from the coach.  Hydro Hounds clients come in a wide range of ages and needs.  Puppies come to Hydro Hounds to be introduced to swimming and for non-weight bearing exercise while their growth plates are still closing.  Swimming benefits the obese dog, as well as dogs in need of rehabilitation from an accident or surgery.  Older canines swim to improve the health of the skeletal and circulatory systems.



 "Let me jump! Let me jump!  I wanna swim..I wanna swim!"


Hydro Hounds
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